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AN ACT relating to public protection.

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 455 to require peace officers to give notice before entering premises to execute a search warrant,require officers to activate body-worn cameras when serving a warrant,create processes for enforcement,allow disciplinary actions for non complaince,create a new section of KRS Chapter 15 to require officers to activate body-worn cameras when engaged in law enforcement activity,establish rebuttable presumptions in investigative or legal proceedings regarding unrecorded coduct of statements,amend KRS 61.168 to provide for release of recordings in specific circumstances and allow waiver of privacy concerns,amend KRS 344.450 to expand scope of permissible suits against state and local governments and limit defenses,amend KRS 15.420 to define “deadly incident”,amend KRS 154.440 to require law enforcement agencies to create policies requiring mandatory drug and alcohol testing for officers involved in a deadly incident,amend various sections to conform,provide that Sections 1 to 8 shall be known as “Breonna’s Law”.