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AN ACT relative to superior court judgments,adding a bail commissioner to the commission on pretrial detention, pretrial scheduling, and pretrial services and the release of a defendant pending trial,prison privatization,misdemeanor domestic violence offenses,immunity from arrest or prosecution for certain alcoholic beverage violations,police officers reporting misconduct,criminal mischief,screening for all law enforcement officers for psychological stability prior to assuming their duties as certified officers,and prohibiting the use of chokeholds by law enforcement officers.




Amends the waiting period to petition for an annulment of a misdemeanor domestic violence offense,adds a Bail Commissioner to the Commission on Pretrial Detention, Pretrial Scheduling, and Pretrial Services,establishes a procedure to determine an offender’s indigence for the purpose of financial ability to pay the Bail Commissioner’s fee,requires law enforcement officers to report misconduct by other law enforcement officers.