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AN ACT To amend and reenact R.S. 11:107.1(D)(4)(c) and 107.2 (B), to enact R.S. 11:107.1(A)(7) and 2225.5, and to repeal R.S. 11:107.2(A), (C) and (D) and 2225(A)(7), relative to the Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System,to provide for establishment of a funding deposit account,to provide relative to the authority of the board of trustees to modify employer contribution rates in certain circumstances,to provide for cost-of-living adjustments,to provide for an effective date,and to provide for related matters.




Provides for cost-of-living adjustments for members of the Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System,authorizes the board of trustees of the system to modify required employer contributions.