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An Act to reform police standards and shift resources to build a more equitable, fair and just commonwealth that values Black lives and communities of color




Would create a permanent commission on the status of African Americans. The powers of the commission shall include, but not be limited to: (i) directing a staff
to perform its duties,(ii) holding regular, public meetings and fact-finding hearings and other
public forums as necessary,(iii) using the voluntary and uncompensated services of private
individuals, agencies and organizations that may from time to time be offered and needed,
including provision of meeting places and refreshments,(iv) establishing and maintaining offices
that it considers necessary, subject to appropriation,(v) enacting by-laws for its own governance;
(vi) contract or collaborate with academic institutions, private sector consultants or other
professionals for research and analysis,and (vii) recommending policies and making
recommendations to agencies and officers of the state and local subdivisions of government to
effectuate the purposes of subsection (d).

  • Bill - S 2820
  • Law Number - S 2820