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June Budget Message for Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Mayor strongly disagrees with “defunding the police,” claiming that they do not have the “luxury” to do so like other cities and that they actually need more police,the mayor concludes that they need “a better approach” that is not a “quick fix.” However, the mayor explictly acknowledges the cries for reform and focuses on “healing” the racial inequity by starting with editing their budget, proposing the following: allocating $3.5 million to an AT&T partnership that provides 11,000 poor children with internet for education,divesting $150,000 of Police’s overtime allocation into funding the IPA to coordinate a review of police “use of force” policies,investigating “less-than-lethal” alternatives to use of force and weapons,expanding IPA authroity to ensure police accountability,allocating $200,000 to support a full-time staff for the Office of Racial Equity.