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Public safety,local units of government required to establish law enforcement citizen oversight councils, powers and duties specified, arbitrator selection amended, data collection process created, peace officer discipline report provided, Board of Peace Officer Standards and Traiining membership expanded, Police-Community Relations Council established, civil statute of limitations extended, statute of limitation tolled during investigations of peace officers, mandatory revocation of peace officer license provided for violation of use of force policy, warrior-style training prohibited, restraints prohibited, use of force policies required to be updated, duty to intercede established, excessive force incident reports required, Minneapolis and St. Paul required to impose residency requirements, rulemaking authorized, and money appropriated.

Relates to public safety, requires local units of government to establish law enforcement citizen oversight councils, specifies powers and duties of the councils and the responsibilities of local authorities toward them, amends arbitrator selection for peace officer grievance arbitrations, creates a process to collect and analyze data on complaints filed against peace officers, provides for a peace officer discipline report, expands the membership of the Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training.