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“San Jose mayor proposes wide-ranging police reform in light of excessive force complaints”

The mayor announced plans not to defund the police, but to reform the department. He proposes: a full review of police force, a civilian response for non-criminal calls for service, a stronger independent police auditor, taking investigations of officer misconduct away from Police Internal Affairs. Specifically, his plan includes: 1) Injecting transparency and accountability into arbitration over termination and disciplinary decisions,2) Independent investigation of police misconduct,3) Expanding authority of the independent police auditor over “use of force” allegations,4) Building a department from their diverse community-and expanding opportunity for their youth,5) Reimagining policing by “disentangling” police roles,6) Banning the use of rubber bullts, and conducting full review of the use of force policy,7) Making police subject to direction of elected leadership,8) Leveraging data and evidence for better recruiting, training, and early intervention,9) Accounting for every dollar: audit of police expenditures.