Recruiting Durham Participants for ShotSpotter Focus Groups

The Wilson Center is evaluating community sentiment of ShotSpotter. To do this, we are holding focus group conversations in the neighborhoods where ShotSpotter has been piloted in Durham. We hope the findings from this study will help to inform Durham City Council's decision on whether to extend the contract with ShotSpotter.

Currently, the technology is being piloted in the following neighborhoods:

  • Albright
  • Cleveland Holloway
  • East Durham
  • Franklin Village
  • Golden Belt
  • NCCU area
  • Hayti
  • Old 5 points
  • Southside/St. Theresa
  • Wellon’s Village

If you live in one of those neighborhoods, we’d love to hear from you! You can sign up here to be considered for focus group participation. We will be able to provide each selected participant with $20.