Upcoming Duke Science & Society Event will Address Racial Bias in Healthcare, COVID-19

The Duke Center for Science and Justice is cohosting an upcoming  Duke Science & Society event as part of its Coronavirus Conversations series.

The virtual event is titled "Racial Bias in the Healthcare System and COVID Outcomes" and will start at 4 p.m. Aug. 27. Online registration ahead of time is required. Find more information here. Other cosponsors are The Samuel Dubois Cook Center on Social Equity, and the Duke Center on Law, Race, and Politics.

Panelists are Dr. Khiara M. Bridges, Ph.D., J.D, Professor of Law at UC Berkeley School of Law; Dr. Daniela Lamas, M.D. at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist; Dr. Sylvia Perry, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Northwestern University. The moderator is Thomas Williams, J.D, Law and Biosciences Fellow at Duke Initiative for Science & Society.

From the event page:

Systemic and individual racial bias in the US healthcare system is well documented, resulting in disparate outcomes for treatment of the same disease. This raises the concern that members of the Black community and other people of color may not receive the same level of care as white patients once they contract COVID-19, and attempt to get seen by doctors, tested, and treated.

Join Duke Science & Society and our panel of experts in a discussion of the extent to which implicit, explicit, structural, and systemic racial biases in healthcare result in poorer outcomes for Black COVID-19 patients, and other people of color—and what to do to correct for those disparate outcomes.