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Removing Barriers for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

Recommendations to Improve Housing Access

The Wilson Center releases its latest policy brief.

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New Report from the Wilson Center and the Fines and Fees Justice Center

1 in 3 Americans Impacted by Legal Fees and Fines

This first of its kind, nationally representative survey reveals the devastating impacts of fines and fees.

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The Center's Plea Tracker

Opening the Black Box of Plea Bargains

Over 90% of cases nationwide are resolved by plea bargains. The Wilson Center is working to make that process more transparent and equitable.

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The Wilson Center leads national and community efforts to reform our criminal legal system, in collaborations, policy work, and research, drawing on the energy and expertise of our students, faculty, and staff at Duke.
Faculty Director and Founder, Professor Brandon Garrett

About the Wilson Center for Science and Justice

The Wilson Center for Science and Justice at Duke Law works to advance criminal justice and equity through science and law. The Center's work is non-partisan and evidence-informed. We engage with community stakeholders, academics, and policy makers to conduct and translate interdisciplinary research into effective and practical policy change.

Our work focuses on three key areas: improving the accuracy of the evidence used in criminal cases, promoting fair and equitable outcomes in the criminal legal system, and improving behavioral health outcomes for persons who encounter, or are at risk for encountering, the criminal legal system.

Areas of Focus

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Accuracy of Evidence

Preventing wrongful convictions by improving and fundamentally reforming how scientists, the public, judges, lawyers, and jurors understand evidence presented in court

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Equity in Criminal Outcomes

Promoting fair and equitable outcomes in the criminal legal system by identifying racial, economic, and other structural inequities at all levels

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Behavioral Health Needs

Improving outcomes for persons with mental illness and substance use disorders who encounter, or are at risk for encountering, the criminal legal system

What's Happening

The latest updates and news from the Wilson Center

News from the Wilson Center

a person walks on a street with a suitcase

Wilson Center Makes Recommendations to Improve Housing Access

Finding Home: Removing Barriers to Housing for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Over half a million people in the United States are unhoused, and the rate of homelessness among formerly incarcerated individuals […]

four people at a table giving in presentation. Behind them is a screen that says "Convening on Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion"

Deflection and Diversion Summit Draws Participants from across North Carolina

This month, we were grateful for the opportunity to co-sponsor a Convening on Deflection and Pre-Arrest Diversion with the North Carolina Governor’s office and the North Carolina Department of Justice. […]

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Recruiting Durham Participants for ShotSpotter Focus Groups

The Wilson Center is evaluating community sentiment of ShotSpotter. To do this, we are holding focus group conversations in the neighborhoods where ShotSpotter has been piloted in Durham. We hope […]

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Wilson Center Creates Database to Track Policing Legislation

This week marks the third anniversary of the police killing of George Floyd. In the first year after Floyd’s death, 1,489 bills relating to police violence were proposed. However, only […]

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