Reducing Excessive Sentencing Through the Just Sentencing Project

two incarcerated people in orange jumpsuits sit in a cell. Prison bars are in the foreground

Despite ample evidence that long sentences do not enhance public safety, there are more than 3,000 people in North Carolina prisons serving sentences longer than 40 years. The Wilson Center's work in this area uses data to identify areas ripe for sentencing improvement, whether groups of people or types of convictions. We are building a comprehensive sentencing and imprisonment database, and we work to design systems for sentencing relief and second chance opportunities.

The Just Sentencing Project

The Just Sentencing Project, led by Director Ben Finholt, works to reduce long-term incarceration through research, advocacy, and education. This includes matching incarcerated individuals eligible for clemency via the Juvenile Sentence Review Board with pro bono attorneys.

Selected Publications